Los Angeles Process Server

Charlie Mabel | 06/01/15

We offer many service to law offices that need legal documents served properly.

Elizabeth Briggs | 06/01/15

We are affiliated with all the right organizations to be tops in our industry.

Carl Selden | 06/01/15

We are hired by insurance companies to investigate claims.

Donna Epes | 05/30/15

Process servers need to be sure to follow the rules when serving legal paperwork.

Amy Schainost | 05/28/15

When you need a subpoena for deposition delivered, give us a call.

James Deutsch | 05/27/15

We have been handling workers compensation claims for many years. We can do subpoena deliveries as well as court filings for you.

J Jarrett | 05/27/15

When you need service of process done on a client or tenant, we are the company to call.

Deborah Suddarth | 05/27/15

Skip tracers are hired by debt collectors, repossession companies and attorneys to find people who have skipped out on their obligations. If you need service of process done fast, we are the company to call.

Edith Harper | 05/26/15

Our subpoena services are delivered by experts with years of experience. If you are served with court documents you need to be sure to follow their instructions or be in contempt of court.

Dawn Chianese | 05/25/15

Hiring a simple courier is not what is necessary to serve process.

Amy Badeaux | 05/24/15

Law firms and Attorneys from anywhere in the country that need papers served can call on us for help.

Elizabeth Hayes | 05/24/15

Our process serving fees are very competitive. When your service of process has been done, we will notify your office.

Celeste Pafford | 05/24/15

We are experts in payroll request subpoenas.

James Griffin | 05/23/15

We specialize in difficult cases and hard to locate individuals. Skip tracing is a process done by people who are excellent investigators.

Holly Hauser | 05/22/15

We can help you with a civil process server.

Elizabeth Barrett | 05/20/15

When you need small claims delivered, we are the company that can do it for you.

Brad Depoian | 05/18/15

We can handle out of state service of process claims for you.

Fred Chang | 05/16/15

We are experts in delivering legal papers according to the letter of the law.

Courtney Gattis | 05/14/15

We are agents for service of process for the entire state.

Brian Digby | 05/14/15

We are a server process company that provides fast service.

Doris Devosjoli | 05/12/15

When you need subpoena retrieval or affidavit service, we are the company to call.

Beth Resko | 05/11/15

Police detectives often hire skip tracers to find people who need legal papers served.

Deborah Faverty | 05/10/15

People who need to be in court at a certain time will probably get a subpoena served by us. We are expert skip tracers who can find individuals for service of process.

Carol Dulin | 05/10/15

We file papers with the courts and serve legal papers for companies.

David Grimsley | 05/10/15

When you need someone to garnish wages with a summons, we can do that for you. If you have been served by a process server, you know what it's all about.

Courtney Peckman | 05/08/15

When you need a legal process server, call on our business service to help you deliver legal papers.

Dee Johnson | 05/07/15

Serving a summons is part of the due process of the law. When it comes to professional insurance investigators, we have a lot of experience in that area.

Erica Falkow | 05/05/15

If you are not familiar with the work of a process server, we can explain it to you.

Carol Holoman | 05/03/15

Attorneys use process servers almost every day.

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